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Mark James Smith UK,Bsc International Relations (L.S.E) 17 O3 2013

Tao Laoshi has been the best Chinese language teacher that I have learnt from in China! Her style contain confidence and well-planned structure,( I appreciate teachers who can be "strict"),as well as patience, attentiveness and humor,Perhaps these skills are the result of her rich traveling experiences amongst other cultures .Thank you Tao Laoshi!


Bertrand Pignet - France Street Artist

Tao Li has been my teacher for a month and was showing great enthusiasm in teaching and always prepared the lessons.We kept in touch after and I'm happy to write this line.

21/03/12 19:37

Daniel Genton Swiss Geneva Music Academy

I appreciate the dynamic and creative approach of your team.That's the way( one way) language should be taught. I hope I can continue with you and do some concrete long time learning. Cheers Thank you!


Ph.D.Biology Magid Shirzadegan, IRAN +U.S

You all are fantastic,a dream team,Always energetic,prepared and patient.I engaged coming to the class every day and am very inspired to continue to improve my Chinese.Name of teachers are very difficult for non-native speakers. I suggest to spend an hour on the first day for getting to know each other.

Rania Legal Counsel ( France/ Palestine) 17/May /2013

Thanks so much for the professional way of teaching,I appreciated the whole team.Loved their seriousness, professionalism, humor,patience and generosity. All the team has all the ingredients for excellent teaching!!! Special thanks to Tao Li who is really an incredible teacher and manager. See you soon.

Lewis-Canada/U.S. Writer.Editor el@sympatico.ca

You were both over terrific teachers-Zhan zhe yuan & Hong yuan yuan- I thank you both for your patience and enthusiasm- I wish you all the best. Xie Xie.


Thanks to all the teachers of the Dali Ruth team. Song Yue and I learned so much. We enjoyed the great variety of lessons including cooking, taichi, and meeting many different people from all walks of life. This class was a fun introduction to both Chinese language and culture, as well as its people. I am thankful for the introduction and confident about going out and learning more.

Thanks again.



Julia Babiel, Germany.Student of Musicology and Chinese language 2014/07/24

HSK Level 4 Chinese Classes.

Studying with Bai Lao shi has been the best Chinese class. I could attend so far. Her way of insisting really helps to make some progress in a short time.Sadly I cannot continue my study in Dali, it has been a really good experience.







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