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Easy Steps To Chinese


Survival Chinese

Hands on Learning &Real Life Practice

On Site Room and Board Available

Mandarin Coaching For Beginners Through Advanced

One Of The best Chinese Language clubs For Those Who Want To Travel,Live& Work In China








Mandarin Club's goal is to cultivate the learner's ability to communicate in Mandarin. We believe teaching materials should be learner-centered. We mainly use a teaching method called TPRS, which is based on the theories of Stephen Krashen. Our instructors spend a lot of time modeling Mandarin, showing rather than explaining. During the first phase of the course, we have our students focus on listening and reading, with lots of repetition. Students typically spend almost a week completing this phase; that’s how long it usually takes for them to get familiar with Mandarin’s sentence structure. During the second phase, we have them practise speaking and writing. For students who like to use textbooks to help them learn, we recommend Boya Chinese published by Beijing University as well as New Practical Chinese Reader. For members who don’t wish to be confined to textbooks, our instructors use Chinese fairy tales, fables, and movies. For those who prefer to design their own curriculum, our instructors can provide assistance.





Intensive Mandarin Chinese Course+ 3 meals a day+Accommodation ( A clean and safe single room with 24 hours hot water + WIFI internet access + a kitchen + a bathroom)








* Regular Course includes: New Pratical Chinese Reader & Boya Chinese

* Oral Course includes: Step by Step Chinese & Spoken Chinese

* Special Course includes: Business Chinese & Chinese Character Course

* Advantage of the Courses:

* Basic Cultural Awareness

* Forcus On Oral Practice

* Tailor-Made Courses

* Chinese Fairy Tales,Chinese Fables & Chinese Movies Courses

* Friendly Learning Environment

The price in RMB is the standard payment we accept. The price in US dollars is for reference.




The Chinese language program fee includes these services:




A tour of the village of Bai people

4 hours Chinese lessons a day Monday to Friday

3 meals a day Monday to Friday (Chinese food)

Accommodation (A clean and safe single dorm room)

A private bath with round-the-clock hot water

A bed with sheets

A tour of the surrounding (bank, supermarket, post office etc.)

Internet access

Medicine for minor illnesses

1 week

RMB 3215

USD 510

2 weeks

RMB 6100

USD 968

3 weeks

RMB 9095

USD 1480

4 weeks

RMB 11910

USD 1890

5 weeks

RMB 14935

USD 2371

6 weeks

RMB 17860

USD 2835

7 weeks

RMB 20855

USD 3310

8 weeks

RMB 23830

USD 3783

9 weeks

RMB 26805

USD 4255

10 weeks

RMB 29840

USD 4737

11 weeks

RMB 32755

USD 5199

12 weeks

RMB 35740

USD 5673

16 weeks

RMB 46050

USD 7310

20 weeks

RMB 57560

USD 9137

24 weeks

RMB 71480

USD 11346

36 weeks

RMB 102420

USD 16257

48 weeks

RMB 135760

USD 21549

52 weeks

RMB 147070

USD 23344

Chinese Language Program in Dali

Step 1:

Payment :

Option 1:Western Union

Name: Tao Li

City: Dali Gucheng,Dali,Yunnan, China P.O.Box 675706

Option 2: Bank Transfer

Bank Information for Inward Remittance (Please send USD only. This is a USD account and does NOT accept Euros or GBP).


Address of the Bank: NO.333 FUXIN ROAD, DALI CITY, YUNNAN, CHINA

Tel:( +86 872 2670171)

Swift Code:BKCHCNBJ640

Account Name:Tao Li

Account Number: 137231601972 Payee’s Tel: (86) 183-1303-2306

Payee’s Address: Plot 73 Da yuan zi ( Near Er Hai Gate) at the end of Ren min Road ,Dali Gucheng,Dali,Yunnan, China, 675706

Option 3:Paypal

If you would like to pay through Paypal using your credit card, Please let us know by emailing daliruth@qq.com ruth.taoli@gmail.com and we will send you a link where you can complete the payment.

Because most of the time the rooms of clubs are fully occupied, please check the availability before you send us the deposit. We stop receiving application forms once all the rooms are reserved. Once we receive your deposit, we will send you a receipt. For any questions about the deposit and the payment, please feel free to contact us atdaliruth@qq.com ruth.taoli@gmail.com

Step 2:

Arrival Send us an email (daliruth@qq.com ruth.taoli@gmail.com) of your flight details: date, time of arrival, airline, flight





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